Sneak a Peek at Pixar’s New Animated Short “Boundin'”

Remember “For the Birds“? The animated short that preceded “Monsters Inc.” in the theatres that you almost had a heart attack over? I distinctly remember touching the floor to push myself back into my seat because I was laughing so hard.

Well, their next little diddy, entitled “Boundin'”(which I will only assume will part of the up-coming Pixar package: “The Incredibles“) is available to watch in a short snippet in Quicktime Format on their homepage. Their Quicktime plug-in for the preview is acting really screwy, so here’s the direct link with no embedding: Sneak Peek at Boundin.

While you’re at it, click that link for The Incredibles up there and watch a few clips for that as well. Good on ya, as they say.

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