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August 19, 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

— Posted by John Campea

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 setting sail

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A sequel is currently in the works for the biggest surprise hit of this summer. Pirates has already brought in about $250 million dollars at the box office and is still going strong. The film had its obvious weaknesses, but by the time the credits rolled I had to admit I was entertained. The picture was fun, lighthearted and was supported by decent visual effects.

Apparently Orlando Bloom , Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp have all been secured for the sequel.

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  • JohnnyDeppsNmbr1Luvr

    Johnny Depp is such a good (GREAT) actor and man. My dream is to act opposite him in a movie. But anyways he is sooooo funny and has a great smile! I love when he smiles and i love his dark brown eyes they are so sexy!!!! And Johnny if you ever happen to come across this web site then I just want you to know that you are my role model and that no matter what you do I will always be there to back you up. I so hope that the POTC premiere is in Disneyland again!! i can’t wait until it comes out. that and all the other 7 movies that he’s doing in the years that are to come. I all ready saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( I loved it by the way. Sooo funny and Johnny looked soo hot and sexy in it too) and The Corpse Bride too. I love that movie too. Well i’ll write laters. I love johnny Depp more than alll yall!! lol

  • Felicia

    Johnny Depp is a very sweet nice man and even though I know im to old to date him oh and he is already taken i would very much like to meet him!!! I love his movies he is a very good actor!!!

  • Joseph Simmons

    OMG its jonny depp!!!!!!

    False impersonation isn’t funny.
    But if by any retarded slim chance that was Depp, I can’t wait until Addict.

  • johnny depp

    Wow I never knew there were so many comments on here. This whole orlando and me thing is crazy, I think that you should just let both of us go, right now we are both taken and I do want to let you know that if i’am ever single again, I would have better chance getting envolved with my “forever Babydoll-Winona,” then with one of you. Im not trying to be mean, but im just telling the cards that im holding. And Melissa, I don’t normally read these but I kinda came accross it.
    You are all true fans, and I hope you like my next movie.
    Love you all.

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