What Happened to Batman: Year One?

Speaking of Which… Okay, The Movie Blog isn’t a bunch of guys blabbing about movies like “High Fidelity” talked about music… There’s some stuff I plum don’t know.. And in light of Johnny talking about Superheroes and directors, I recall being bloody excited about Darren Aronofsky directing “Batman: Year One”. … [Read More]

S.W.A.T. finally in theaters, the

S.W.A.T. finally in theaters, the critics aren’t really impressed Despite 2 early thumbs up from Ebert and Roppel, a quick browse through the various critics reveals they aren’t all that impressed with S.W.A.T. Chris Barsanti of FilmCritic.Com was on the lower end of the scale saying “S.W.A.T. is such an … [Read More]

Go rent DareDevil As I

Go rent DareDevil As I mentioned in a previous post, I think that DareDevil is thus far the most underrated film this year. Let’s get one thing straight right up front, I’m not a Ben Affleck fan. To be honest, I nearly passed on seeing this movie all together just … [Read More]

When a shot to

When a shot to the face just isn’t bad good enough Wow. We all know Gigli is doing poorly. Actually, no. Poorly doesn’t work… “Critically pissed on” works better. And only to make matters worse, 1) It has jumped the entire “Horrid” list on The Internet Movie Database to land … [Read More]