‘Arrival’ Get’s It’s Final Trailer

Arrival has almost arrived, and we can’t wait to see what these stellar reviews and alien mysteries are about.

Arrival stars Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker. and miss November herself as Amy Adams continues to star in multiple great movies coming soon.

Arrival is supposed to explore the human dilemmas of communicating with aliens, which seems to be portrayed in quite a mysterious and realistic fashion through the trailers.

Since humans would probably freak out and want to start a war with any alien species that visited earth, it is no surprise this premise seems to be a large factor of what this movie will be about (perhaps the realism is what got this movie such great reviews).

Either way, watch the final ‘Arrival’ trailer below, as Amy Adams talks to aliens in a race against time for humanity’s sake.

Watch the new Arrival trailer:

Watch Arrival in theaters November 11th, as we get prepared for what looks like an amazing alien sci-fi mystery!

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